Our patients are very important us, and we show it by providing world class service to all our patients. Here are a few of the many positive testimonials we received from our happy patients. Already a patient? Write us a review, we always love the feedback.

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“Really great people. After my accident they took me in right away, not concerned about the settlement from the insurance company. But more concerned for me and my well being. And not a moment too soon! We found out through x-rays just how sever a neck injury I had, Dr. Rick went right to work correcting it.

I discovered that unlike most chiropractors, Dr. Rick focuses on whole body alignment and health; not just crack this, crack that quick fixes. Most chiropractors I know focus on just reliving immediate pain and not long term health. The Ochsmanns focus on the health of the whole body, not just your back.
I feel they offer affordable rates and I like that they also offer multiple session discounts. They are very friendly and family oriented. I really want to thank you guys!”

– Marlee T.



“Dr. Rick and Danae are two of the greatest people I know.  They are very dedicated to their patients, their hearts and minds are always in the right place.  I have referred several friends to them and they have always taken very very good care of them.  I have always had them be extremely fair and honest on all their fees.  Dr. Rick has a great pair of hands and the atmosphere is superb with positivity and healing.  I would not hesitate to continue to refer my peeps to their office.  I simply applaud their patient relations 100%.    Danae is one of the most honest people I have ever known and they are the complete embodiment of authenticity and effectiveness.  I also want everyone to know that I have known them since 1996 and the facts speak for themselves!”

– FR



“I was referred to Dr. Rick by my sister and have been happy since day 1. Dr. Rick and Danae are very attentive to my physical well being. Anytime I had additional concerns they were addresses by Dr. Rick. One of my issues were a misalignment of my jaw due to a night guard. I just mentioned it to Dr. Rick and he gave me an adjustment that began the correction, he saved me hundreds of dollars the dentist wanted to charge me to fix their error.
The added bonus to having Dr. Rick as my Chiropractor is Danae. She is very kind and patient. She personalizes my visits by calling me by name and remembering events in my life. I have been going there for my adjustments for over two years and can’t think of going anywhere else!”

– Silvina S.



“I have been a patient of Dr Ricks for 10 years. He has changed my quality of life from a 5 to a 10!! After years of lower back pain, muscle relaxants, pain pills, hundreds of hours on a heating pad I had four adjustments and I was a different person. It used to take me 15 minutes just to get out of bed in the morning, and now I hop at of bed to start my morning exercises. Thank you Dr. Rick and Danae for helping me and many of my friends. Both of you are my go to people when I have any health questions.”

– Leslie P.



“Rick has been my Chiro for over 10 years. As the victim of a car accident that severely injured my neck and having suffered with headaches ever since (the crash was 20 years ago).. Meeting Rick and his lovely wife Danae was a godsend! Rick was super easy to understand and showed me, in the X-ray results, how my neck was bent from the blunt force trauma and how over time and with treatment and therapy I could partially correct the imbalance and put an end to my headaches. I am here today to tell you it works, through exercises at home and regular chiropractic adjustments I have been almost completely pain free since 6 months after beginning therapy! Thanks Dr. Rick!”

– Troy R.



“Hello everybody!!!  I have been seeing Dr. Rick and Danae at Rhino Chiropractic for about 4 years.  Thank goodness he’s here to help all those in back and neck pain.  I have had several accidents that did a real number on my neck and back.  When I started seeing Dr. Rick I had severe headaches and stiffness with difficulty moving in my back and neck.  Dr. Rick took care of that from the start.  With his adjustments I can now go through my day without headaches and pain!!!!  YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!  I absolutely believe in Dr. Rick and Danae.  Because of them the quality of my life has improved 100%.  Make your appointment today!”

– Chris C.



“It’s not just the deep corrective adjustment I get from Dr. Rick, but it’s the added bonus of the education I get from him and his wife Danae.  They are experts in nutrition, physiology and anatomy.  They work from a place of restoring whole health for the mind, body and spirit through proper spinal alignment and sensible, natural remedies.  They’ve had an intelligent answer for every question I have ever asked.  Many times Dr. Rick has healed a sinus infection or headache with simple adjustments, saving me from the Western Medicine I didn’t need.  When you’re here, you feel like family…and you’re treated that way.  You’ll feel very cared about.  You will be impressed by the change in how you feel and move, and you’ll be amazed at the change in lifestyle you will want for yourself forever.  And if all that’s not enough, (and believe me that’s just the surface,) you’ll get some great belly laughs from Dr. Rick’s whacky sense of humor!  Enjoy!”

– Pamela R.